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What You Should See in Bukhara?

What you should see in Bukhara?

Usually we do discussions with friends for making holiday tour and everyone have their own viewpoints. what city to go to because one friend want adventuring destination, one want romantic place and another want to go ancient  architectural site. Finally all came into final conclusive mark to travel Bukhara with Travels mantra.com

Old Bukhara

Old Bukhara Uzbekistan

The old city of Bukhara is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was founded since 2,500 years ago and there are some 500 monuments in the city alone.

Kalyan Minaret

Kalyan Minaret Mosque Bukhara

Minarets means a tower from where the muezzin calls the people to prayer, height’s 47 meters. If you come closer and will move back, it will seem that the tower is falling. At the moment, the minaret might not have been. Genghis Khan wanted to destroy the minaret, but he got up there and looked down. At that moment his headdress fell to the ground, and he changed his mind. This is the story of Kalyan Minaret.

Kalyan Mosque: On the right side of minaret explore the Kalyan Mosque, one of the most ancient mosques in Central Asia. Above the entrance to the mosque there is an inscription that says that the construction of the mosque was started in the 15th century and completed in 1515.

Magoki Attori Mosque Bukhara

Magoki Attori Mosque Bukhara

It is said to be built around the 9th to 10th centuries. An archaeologist in Russia discovered what was buried in the sand in 1936.This is the instance of an “Urban Mosque” in a residential quarter and there are a lot of fascinating stories regarding to facade of the mosque.

Miri-Arab Madrasah

Miri Arab Madrasa Bukhara

It has two beautiful big blue domes on left and right side which surrounds the main centre tower. Further, it is important to pay attention to the colourfully arranged mausoleum inside the madrasah.
It is the leading spiritual education centre of Bukhara from where many leading imams had graduated. This 16th-century madrasah founding date is unknown but scientists claim that madrasah build in between 1530 – 1536.there is many long interesting stories behind the construction date and the destructions of this madrasah.

Chor-Minor Madrasah

Chor Minor Bukhara

The Historic Chor-Minor Madrasah was founded in 1807 also named as a madrasah of HALIFNIYAZKUL. In Persian language it means “Four minarets” but it is not minarets because they used 3 towers   for storage purpose.

Abdulaziz Khan Madrasah: This bigger and beautiful ABDULAZIZ KHAN MADRASAH is a part of Ulugbek complex. The design of the walls is just amazing with some incredible mosaics. ULUGBEK MADRASA (15th century,) the holy ring flak rotates like a clock. The centre of flak is an image of a cube which is a symbol of three dimensions.

Trade Domes in Bukhara

Trade Domes Bukhara

Trade domes are the ancient old building of Bukhara. In addition to the large number of ancient Islamic buildings worth to visiting trade domes. In the middle age of Bukhara this trade city was known by 3 different names Taki Saraffon, Taki Zarragon and Taki Talpak which had different specialized goods but now it is market of Ark Fortress. Pottery, Wood Carving, Metal Engraving, Embroidery and Painting has today become hall mark of small Uzbek trade.



Lyab-i-Hauz is some of the favourite place for meetings in Bukhara. You will see the canal along the road, Kukeldash Madrassah, Madrasah and Khanaka Diwan-Begi- all around a house with water where ducks are swimming. Here are concentrated cafes, coffee shops, tourist shops and a lot of hotels, for every taste and purse. Many of them are former harem premises, with a preserved layout and even decoration. Ask the owners, they can learn a lot of interesting things. And, by the way, many hotels keep their mini-museums. Unlike the state museums, they are allowed to twist the exhibits in their hands and take pictures with them.

Ark of Bukhara

Ark of Bukhara

It is the city where King Bukhara lived. It is made up of an incredibly high wall, and is built to bow its head in order to meet the king, and the wall stands so that he cannot see the king directly. The room where the queen lives is composed separately. This is Very interesting place. A lot of rooms and halls have historical things. You walk along the aisles and halls with great interest.

Bolo-Hauz Mosque

Bolo Hauz Mosque

This is a beautiful mosque both on the exterior and interior. There are twenty columns at the entrance, and they are reflected in the nearby pond of water. So it appears as forty columns. The interior is also quite special.

Chashma-Ayub Mausoleum

Chashma-Ayub Mausoleum

The Chashma Ayub Mausoleum was built from the 12th to 16th centuries. The architecture of this monument is different and interesting as compare to other monument of the Bukhara city. This mausoleum has a holy water well and it is believed by the locals that the water here is good for health.

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