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Situated on the shores of Dnieper River, Kiev is the capital and the largest of Ukraine. As one of the finest cultural cities of Europe, Kiev has just the perfect blend of adventure for everyone. Decorated and admired all over for its historical and cultural monuments, the city has a glorious history and a very compelling present. The city is witness to a very heterogeneous past with it being the part of erstwhile Soviet Russia and of many other fragments. Now a day, it has grown up to be the leading industrial and commercial center of Ukraine. The cultural it heritages from its erstwhile parent is clearly visible in its magnificent architecture, culture, and politics. The city hosts a very colorful nightlife and some of the finest delicacies of Europe.

Explore Beautiful Ukraine

Set in the foothills of mount Kiev, Odessa is Ukraine’s largest metropolis. The thing that catches the eye in Kiev is well-dressed people, beautiful buildings, and expensive cars.

  • pray or Medidate at ST. CYRILL’S MONASTERY Completely off-the-beaten track, this small church is as old as time, dating back to 12th century.
  • Stroll along the green scenery of kyiv's parks Kyiv is no doubt a green capital, and has dozens of beautiful parks for short walks.
  • Go Cycling In Golosiyivsky fores Golosiyivsky Park is a unique nature park with its cascade lakes situated right in the central part of Kiev.
  • St.Sophia Cathedral(Unesco world heritage List) Dating back to the glorious times of Kievan Rus, St.Sophia Cathedral remains an outstanding architectural landmark and tops the most-visited list of sights in Kyiv.
  • Be Amazed at the Museum Of Miniatures Mykola Siadristy can show you just that! He is the only author in Kyiv’s famous Museum of Miniatures.

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Shopping centers in Kiev

Shopping at Kiev range from traditional to modern, be it the glass-enclosed mega malls or the local bazaars. Globus, located at Independence Square, is one of the best places in the Ukrainian. The seven-level Mandarin Plaza shopping center is conveniently located close to the city center, in the Bessarabs’kyi district. .

Kyiv was once a bustling industrial hub and it has the boarded-up factories to prove it. The closure of these spacious facilities.

Casinos in Ukraine

At Ukraine, gambling has been legalized so you will find numerous casinos and gambling parlors around Kiev. So, if you want to try your luck, then this is the place to be.

  • Avalon casino is one of the largest and most respectable gambling establishments in Ukraine.
  • kraine is a country in Eastern Europe with legal gambling. There are 2 cities with gambling facilities in Ukraine which have 1 legal gambling facilities available in total. The types of gambling available in Ukraine are casinos. The largest gambling city in Ukraine is Kiev with 1 gambling facilities.

Nightlife & Night Clubs

Perfect mix of the European and Russian way of life can easily be felt while experiencing the breathtaking nightlife of Ukraine. It will amuse you, surprise you and will definitely hold a place in your memory lane for long. Nightlife in big cities, especially in the capital city of Kiev is worth experiencing. In Kiev, experiencing nightlife can be an unforgettable experience. Roaming around the streets at night is safe for all and the local nightclubs are in abundance. Nightlife in Kiev can surprise you as one can find a perfect mix of serenity and craziness while experiencing nightlife in the city of Kiev. Moreover, because of the recent recession in Ukraine, one can explore nightlife at a very reasonable price by European standards. Weather can play a spoilsport during summers but generally one is sure to have a rocking nightlife experience in Ukraine. .


Thinking about traveling in Ukraine? Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! If you are feeling nervous, or just have some questions – here are some of the answers I give to some of the most frequently asked questions about traveling in Ukraine.

1Is it helpful to know Russian when traveling in Ukraine?
Knowing Russian is not necessary but it is of no harm speaking and understanding a few basic Russian words which can come handy. Although our staff and guides can speak fluent English and are always there to help you during sightseeing and excursions.
2Where can I find a guide book in english?
There is a place in Kiev called City Books (город кни) г where you can find good guidebooks for your tour in Kiev like Mikhailovska square, Mikhailovsky cathedral, Kiev Today which tell you the best places to see and shop.
3What is the local currency of Ukraine?
The local currency is called “Ukrainian hryvnia”. 1 Indian Rupee is equal is approximately 0.39 Ukrainian hryvnia & U$ 1 will get you approximately 28.17 Ukrainian hryvnia .
4What currency should we carry to Ukraine?
You may carry US dollars or Euros which can be easily changed to local Ukrainian hryvnia at one of the numerous currency exchanges in the cities.
Rates in town vary depending on the shop you visit to exchange your money and Airports and Hotel Rates are not up to the mark. So, you can go to the market and find the shop that gives you the best price.
All types of tourists visit UKRAINE ranging from Honeymoon couples, Small Family Groups, Large Families, Friends and even Corporate office people.
Kiev & Odessa city, the most popular tourist destination in Ukraine certainly has a few authentic Indian restaurants that cater to Indian tourists and local patrons alike. Tourists on UkraineTour Package from India always have the option to eat authentic and delicious Indian meals.
When you arrive in Ukraine, you need to register within 5 days of arriving and if you are arriving on a 30-day visa through the airport, then you don’t really need to register. Ukraine only requires you to register once upon arrival and you need not register for every city you visit.You can register at the Immigration Police office (OVIR) anywhere in Ukraine. In Kiev, the OVIR office is at 01004, Velyka Vasylkivska St, 26, Kyiv, Ukraine
The major cities in Ukraine have nice and clean roads with smooth traffic. The highways have beautiful and multi-lane roads for easy driving. The trains are generally safe, but you should be careful of your belongings. Blankets and sheets will be provided to you by a car attendant at the beginning of the trip and collected by the attendant at the end of the trip.
With such a good transportation system where you can go anywhere by plane, truck or bus at reasonable rates, it is avoidable to drive on your own. When in Ukraine, one should opt for public transport.
Pay a small fee and you can use the public facilities available in the city. Private facilities (those attached to restaurants and cafes) tend to be western-style toilets,

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