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It is the historical, cultural and excellent beauty which has attracted tourists from all over the world to this land which comes under the former Soviet Union. Azerbaijan is bounded by the elegant Caucasus Mountains and the gregarious Caspian Sea. The untouched nature and the beautiful amalgamation of nine out of eleven climatic zones make this an absolute tourist attraction. Azerbaijan is blessed with a rich and classic history and culture. The melodious music and the extravagant architecture is what makes Azerbaijan stand out among the rest of the places.

Some of the various destinations for tourists in Azerbaijan are as follows:

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Shopping centers in Baku

Shopping at Baku range from traditional to modern, be it the glass-enclosed mega malls or the local bazaars. Central Market is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. Mega Centre is the city’s most modern mall, where you can shop for the top designer labels. It also includes entertainment like rock climbing, skating,and bowling.

Dostyk Plaza and Esentai Mall offer ample parking along with food courts, cinemas, art galleries, kids zone and entertainment. There is something for everyone’s taste. At these luxurious malls, you will find the latest and the best from top designers of the world. You can also experience some gastronomic delights of the other places.

Casinos in Baku

At Azerbaijan, gambling has been legalized so you will find numerous casinos and gambling parlors around baku. So, if you want to try your luck, then this is the place to be.

  • Royal Plaza is Baku’s largest gaming complex. It is an architectural delight and combined with its unique design, charming hostess and focus on comfort; it is the most luxurious casino.
  • Casino Bellagio adheres to international standards of casinos. It is also one of the most reputable casinos at Baku. The casino offers shuttle service to its guests, along with ample parking, comfortable area,and beautiful interiors.
  • Bombay Casino is a more modern entertainment complex offering Victorian interiors, comfortable seating, ample parking, shuttle service, etc.

Nightlife & Night Clubs in Baku

Being a business center, Baku has a lot to offer. Most of the nightlife in Baku is spread out near the city center. If you love the nightlife, then the nightclubs of Baku will just amaze you. From cocktails to dancing to music, the high energy of these clubs will keep your adrenaline pumping. Experience the peak of the elegance of the nightclubs of Baku by booking yourself a luxurious limo to go club Shopping. From Irish pubs to lounges to cafeterias, Baku has it all. The beautiful surrounding, the nightlife, clubs, and pubs of Baku will make your trip exciting and memorable.


Thinking about traveling in Azerbaijan? Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! If you are feeling nervous, or just have some questions – here are some of the answers I give to some of the most frequently asked questions about traveling in Azerbaijan.

1Is it helpful to know Russian when traveling in Azerbaijan?
Knowing Russian is not necessary but it is of no harm speaking and understanding a few basic Russian words which can come handy. Although our staff and guides can speak fluent English and are always there to help you during sightseeing and excursions.
2Where can I find a guide book in english?
There is a place in Baku called City Books (город кни) г where you can find good guide books for your tour in Baku.
3What is the local currency of Azerbaijan?
The local currency is called “Manat”. 1 Indian Rupee is equal is approximately 0.024 Manat & US $ 1 will get you approximately 1.70 Manat
4What currency should we carry to Azerbaijan?
You may carry US dollars or Euros which can be easily changed to local Manat at one of the numerous currency exchanges in the cities
Rates in town vary depending on the shop you visit to exchange your money and Airports and Hotel Rates are not up to the mark. So, you can go to the market and find the shop that gives you the best price.
All types of tourists visit Baku ranging from Honeymoon couples, Small Family Groups, Large Families, Friends and even Corporate office people.
Baku city, the most popular tourist destination in Azerbaijan certainly has a few authentic Indian restaurants that cater to Indian tourists and local patrons alike. Tourists on Baku Tour Package from India always have the option to eat authentic and delicious Indian meals.
When you arrive in Azerbaijan you need to register within 5 days of arriving and if you are arriving on a 30-day visa through the airport, then you don’t really need to register. Azerbaijan only requires you to register once upon arrival and you need not register for every city you visit.You can register at the Immigration Police office (OVIR) anywhere in Azerbaijan. In Baku.
The major cities in Azerbaijan have nice and clean roads with smooth traffic. The highways have beautiful and multi lane roads for easy driving. The trains are generally safe, but you should be careful of your belongings. Blankets and sheets will be provided to you by a car attendant at the beginning of the trip and collected by the attendant at the end of the trip.
With such a good transportation system where you can go anywhere with plane, truck or bus at reasonable rates, it is avoidable to drive on your own. When in Azerbaijan, one should opt for public transport.
Pay a small fee and you can use the public facilities available in the city. Private facilities (those attached to restaurants and cafes) tend to be western-style toilets,

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