Tashkent Tour: Useful Tips and Instructions for Tashkent Tour - You Need to Know

Useful Tips and Instructions for Tashkent Tour – You Need to Know

Every country or place has their own culture and practices, it is essential to follow those customs and respect each belief. Travelling to a foreign land means adopting their lifestyle for the time being and dwelling in their cultures to get the full experience of that place. Following certain do’s and don’ts on Tashkent Tour also keep you away from any trouble and misfortune.

In this particular article we will focus on certain tips and safety instructions that will help you in a smooth experience on Tashkent tour.

  1. Cash: Uzbekistan is predominantly a cash economy and the Uzbek Som has a comparatively low value so, you will find yourself swimming in cash. As almost all the local markets and shops accept only cash and local currency it becomes necessary to carry cash along. Moreover, if there is any unspent cash remaining with you then you must exchange it prior to your departure as there is no exchange office at the airport.
  2. Safety: for your safety concerns do not show the large sum of money in public areas. Carry your cash in safety money belt and keep hold of your possessions. If any of your property is stolen then report it to the police.
  3. Medical: carry doctor’s prescription with you if you are travelling with some prescribed medicine and declare this on your custom declaration form. Also, make sure the quantity does not exceed the legal limits, for that information talk to embassy officials.
    Drink boiled water or bottled water only and avoid ice in drinks.
  4. It is usual that you might have to produce your ID and passport on request by the police so always carry photocopies of your passport with you.
  5. It is required that you register within 3 days of arrival.
  6. Possession of drugs is illegal as Tashkent is a city in a Muslim country. It is also prohibited to sell tobacco and alcohol to those less than 20 years old.
  7. Homosexuality is also illegal in Uzbekistan under the law and very much looked down upon in society.
  8. Photography is prohibited in airports; railway stations and subway so, do not click pictures in these areas. Photography of government buildings is also somewhat banned; make sure you check the instructions at these places.
  9. It is compulsory for the drivers as well as the passengers to fasten the seatbelts and using mobile phones while driving is also prohibited.
  10. It is advisable that women wear full clothes and avoid wearing shorts and miniskirts, especially in religious places.
  11. Women are not allowed to enter in working mosques and also to non-Muslims men but they might get invited outside of prayer timings.
  12. Remove shoes while entering holy sites and somebody’s home.
  13. Bring a small gift for the host if invited to an Uzbek home for dinner and always compliment the host about his hospitality and food.
  14. Behave well with the bar girls and belly dancers in pubs, restaurants and nightclubs.
  15. Do not talk to a person who is offering prayers.
  16. Do not use left hand while greeting someone or passing something to a Muslim.
  17. Do not point a finger at an Uzbek as it is considered offensive.
  18. Do not bring dogs to mosques or a holy site because dogs are considered as unclean in Islam.

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