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Mauritius Tour: An Adventurous Day in Casela Nature Park

Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean famous for its beaches, lagoons and coral reefs. It is the friendliest island present in the world as the Mauritians are known for their kindness towards others. Every type of ethnicity can be found here, be it Hindu, Muslim, Creoles, Chinese or Europeans, they all live peacefully maintaining the cultural prospects of the nation.

Mauritius is known for its top position in tourism and has created a niche in the domain of honeymoon travel. There is plethora of activities and places in which one can indulge, like walking down the white sand beaches and witnessing the sunset, museums, parks, water activities etc. One such adventurous activity, visiting the Casela Nature Park that’s located in the western part of Mauritius.

Let’s find out what all you can expect in this leading attraction of Mauritius Island Tour:

Habitats in Casela Nature Park

Casela Nature Park is a habitat of various species of birds and animals like giant turtles, bears, deer and lions. It is covered with variety of flora and fauna which makes it a serene and sedate place to visit. Whether you just wanted to watch the tamed animals or indulged in adventurous activities, the park stored something special for everyone.

Take a safari ride in the park, if you wish to enjoy the company of wild animals (get awed by their wilderness). The park is famous for its Big Cats troops like lions, Bengal tigers, and cheetahs and caracals. During the ride, the guide shared information on magnificent animals. After a brief introduction about the rules & regulations get a chance to touch, stroke and walk with the lions.

Safari  in Casela Nature Park

Not just big cats you can also watch and take ride on the back of friendly animals like horses and camels. You can just take a camel or horse safari and enjoy the peaceful ride at your own pacifier spending time with the animals, if you are after some serious adrenaline rush, you get plenty of options to revel in.

If you do not want to take a normal safari around the park, you can opt for the Safari Quad Biking trip. Riding this bike is not easy though because there are some really difficult paths because of rocky ground but experts and trainers are provided to help you out with that. They will guide you and give a briefing session before you can start riding the bike. The park offers 3 different quad routes for visitors and you can opt for whichever you find most suitable.

Adventure in Casela Nature Park

One such activity which is a real fun experience for all nature lovers is Rando fun. It is a mix of hiking, climbing and adventure. After a brief session of introduction a bus will take you to the mountains of Casela Park. From there, hiking, along with the help of friendly guides starts. The walk will definitely keep surprising you with the charm of nature and adventure. After you have walked half the distance you will come across a waterfall where an interesting activity will awaits you: a zipline which ends up directly in the pool of the waterfall. After this, you will have to swim across a canyon to reach two 150 meter long zip-lines which provides a breathtaking experience to the adventurers.

Rando fun is one perfect activity if you wish to fight against your fears and overcome them. It will be a lifetime experience for you for sure!

Mud Karting in Casela Nature Park

Mud Karting, another action packed activity which you can enjoy for 20 minutes (alone or with co-passenger). It is sure that it will be full of twists and turns and adventure. This will truly test your handling skills and bring out that secret pro- rider in you! If you think that it can be risky, do not worry as there are proper safety precautions provided with safety harness, clothing and helmets.

Fishing in Casela Nature Park

Kids can enjoy some low level, children friendly activities such as tilapia fishing. Children can grab a fishing rod and showcase their fishing skills around the pond that has lots of tilapia fishes. This activity lasts for 30 minutes and completely peaceful and fun for kids!

Whatever your choice maybe or you are fond of; Casela will not disappoint you anyway, there is something or the other for every person in there. Book Mauritius Tour Package So, with friends or family, go to this place for sure if you plan to visit Mauritius.

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