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Burana Tower Kyrgyzstan

Burana Tower Bishkek – Kyrgyzstan Tour

The present-day name of the tower – Burana, comes from the Arabic “monar”, minaret. Burana Tower. The Tower Is Thought To Have Been Part Of A Minaret – Once Much Taler Than It Is Now … However, The Kyrgyz Have A Different Version Of The Origins Of The Tower:
There Is  Legend That Tells Of Powerful Khan Who Had Beautiful Daughter, Monara, Whom He Loved Very Much And Wanted To Protect Against The Affections Of Local Dj Nigits–Young Men.

One Day He Summoned All The Fortune Tellers And Clairvoyants In Region And Demanded That They Tell The Girl’s Future. All Of Them Foretold A Happy Life For The Girl – Bar One. This Aksakal Declared, “I Can Only The Truth Even Though You May Execute Me For It. Your Daughter’s Fate Is A Sad One. She Hardly Reaches Her Sixteenth Birthday When A Poisonous Black Spider Bites Her And She Dies Immediately.”

The Khan Was Angry – But He Could Not Ignore The Prediction. So He Built Tall Tower And The Fortune Teller Was Incarcerated In Small Room At The Bottom, And His Daughter Was Placed In Isolation In Another At The Top Of The Tower.

The Girl Grew Up In The Tower, Looking Out Over The Valley Through The Four Windows In The Cupola Which Looked Out To The Compass Points – North, South, East And West. Servants Brought Her Food And Drink, Delivering It In A Basket After By Climbing A Ladder Placed Against The Outside Of The Tower. They Were Inspected From Head To Toe To Make Sure That Their Clothes, Food, Nor The Plates, Hid A Spider.

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