7 Fascinating and Astonishing Things to Do in Bishkek

7 Fascinating and Astonishing Things to Do in Bishkek

Bishkek is the capital of Kyrgyzstan. It is a growing city located in Central Asia which is modernizing. This city is a home to unusual sights, popular cafes, relaxing parks, amazing attractions and magnificent monuments.

Here is 7 points of interest and fascinating things to do in Bishkek Tour:

1. Ala-Too Square

Ala-Too Square Bishkek

It is one of the city’s biggest landmarks having water fountains and benches. Located in the central plaza in Bishkek, after sunset the fountain starts with music playing in the background. It is the biggest central plaza of Bishkek.

2. Osh Bazaar

Osh Bazaar Bishkek

This is a must visit place if one is visiting Bishkek. Here all kinds of food, clothing, household items and souvenirs etc. sold. Located in the west side of the town, one can spend several hours in this bazaar. It is considered one of the Central Asia’s biggest and colourful bazaars according to the sales; it is operating for more than 2000 years.

3. Kyrgyz National Opera and Ballet Theatre of Abdylas Maldybayev

National Opera & Ballet Theatre Bishkek

There is a strong presence of arts in Bishkek. This theatre is named after Abdylas Maldybayev who was a Kyrgyz composer, actor and opera singer. The shows are worth to watch and the most expensive ticket is around $5.

4. Bishkek Cafe

Bishkek Cafe

Bishkek has a collection of trendy and popular cafes. One of the famous cafes is Sierra coffee house, it is very famous and popular among tourists. Varieties of dishes are available there and the atmosphere is also great. Another famous café is Kvartira, it is a bar with amazing food, cheap drinks and great service. Some other famous cafes are Faiza, Chusur Turkish restaurant, the Navigator and Bar 12.

5. Hiking Outside Bishkek

Hiking Outside Bishkek

There are various hiking trails outside Bishkek. One can plan a day trip for hiking; one of the famous hiking trails is in Ala Archa National Park which is 40 kilometres away from Bishkek. Another famous park is Issyk-Ata Gorge which is 77 kilometres away. These treks happen every weekend.

6. Bishkek Nightlife

Bishkek Nightlife - TravelsMantra

Bishkek is very much famous for its nightlife. There are lots of clubs and night halls there, even the cafes and restaurants which are quiet in the afternoon turns to enjoyable hangout spots in the evening. The clubs are parted with price range, genre of music and age of the person. These nightclubs are very famous between the locals; they go to these clubs to sit back and relax, to meet new people and to enjoy.

7. Bishkek Monuments

Bishkek Monument - TravelsMantra

Another must see attractions in Bishkek are the monuments which are situated there. Victoria monument is one of the famous monument there, it was build on the occasion of 40th anniversary of World War 2 in 1985. Some other famous monuments are Erkindik statue, Manas statue, State Historical Museum etc.

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