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What Is the Authentic Food of Uzbekistan

Tashkent Tour Food in Uzbekistan

One of the best things about visiting a new place is eating all the authentic food of that place! If you plan to visit famous Silk-Route or central Asia destination like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan etc. the food you get is authentic, delicious that reflects the uniqueness of geography and habitat. Are you  a food lover and wanted to explore delicacy of Uzbekistan. Here are some dishes that you need to try in Uzbekistan, that’ll surely make your mouth water and your stomach happy!


Dimlama Uzbekistan Tour

This is an extremely famous dill based stew with a lot of other ingredients that add to its mouth-watering palette of flavors that never fails to satisfy and keep wanting for more. The other ingredients include meat, potatoes, vegetables and even fruit.



Shashlike Uzbekistan Tour Package

Meat (Mutton, chicken, fish etc.) that has been marinated for hours is grilled to perfection and served with raw sliced onions. It can be sold in restaurants as well as on the streets.


Eggplant Salad

Eggplant Salad Uzbekistan Holiday Tour

This salad is a famous Uzbekistan salad and is eaten before meals. It is mainly made of eggplant with peppers, radishes and many greens. It is an authentic dish and you’ll definitely love it!



Kutabi Uzbekistan Tashkent Tour

It is the famous flat bread of Uzbekistan that is deep fried and served. It has a stuffing of either meat or vegetables and is enjoyed by all!



Samsa Tashkent Uzbekistan

A mixture of meat, vegetables, cheese, cabbage, chicken and sometimes even pumpkin put into a small holdings of bread. Are very common street food and similar looking to the Indian samosa.



Manti Uzbekistan Delicacy

Steamed dumplings filled with ground meat, served with garlic flavoured yoghurt and spices, with a strong flavour of olive oil.



Lagman Uzbekistan

Made from hand stretched noodles, tossed in chopped pepper and other vegetables and served in a vinegar based sauce. It is a spicy dish and is served everywhere in Kyrgyzstan due to its popularity. It can be vegetarian as well as non vegetarian.



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