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Top Five Best Reasons to visit Uzbekistan

Russian invasion and the greed of some mighty conquerors took this country far behind for some years followed by the separation from the Soviet Union in August 1991. Against all odds this silk route country developed itself again as the premier show stopper for many good reasons.

The five genuine reasons to be a guest in Uzbekistan are:-

1. Geography

This country impresses you with its wide roads, cleanliness, and wonderful weather. With every step you travel in this country, it has a fascinating landscapes, lakes, natural reserves and to mention high peaks to show off.



There you will get the best hospitality experience as they value warm welcomes. Hotels offer best in services and many madrasas that are now converted into open-air fine dining restaurants where you can enjoy dinner watching the beautiful Uzbek dance forms.


3.Tashkent (the capital city of Uzbekistan)

After the earthquake, this city is transformed into an unmatched alluring model of old and modern era architecture. The new city of Tashkent has everything that a cosmopolitan need, modern buildings, pubs, restaurants, and much more. The people of Uzbek literally showed courage and rebuild the entire city of Tashkent when the massive Earthquake hit the epicenter of Tashkent.


4.Rich Heritage

Many would not be knowing about this that there are four UNESCO sites officially and many historic sites to visit in Uzbekistan. Most of the minaret are still standing tall dating a long back from 1127AD. History lovers there you go!



The overwhelming gesture for tourists and smiling faces you will always see in the people of Uzbek, especially for the Indians as they love Indians and they like to watch Bollywood movies, Raj Kapoor is everyone’s favorite there.

Do you know?
“Uzbek people are the 4th happiest people in the world. It takes only 2.5 hours flight to land on to the SILK ROUTE COUNTRY.”

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