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Top 8 Places To Visit In Bishkek

Kyrgyzstan is the most liberal central Asian country and part of former USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). Bishkek known to immense beauty and popular as Switzerland of Central Asia. The hospitality of people and friendliness of local public is truly amazing in Kyrgyzstan that attracts young travellers to enjoy liberal lifestyle. A fascinating & delightful nightlife in Bishkek is very popular among travellers across world, especially from India.

Bishkek, A Silk Road route and way to Kyrgyz Ala -Too Mountain Ranges Ala Archa National Park.

Below given are Top 8 Places to visit in Bishkek or Favourite Destinations in Bishkek:

Kyrgyz State Historical Museum

State Historical Museum popularly known as the Lenin Museum, exhibiting the natural political history & heritage from Soviet era of the country. The Statue of Lenin driving in Museum gives massage of progressive revolutionary communion. A roof-wall painting of a National Museum leads to wedding party that blend of the nationalities of the Soviet Union.

The Museum exhibits the 19th-20th centuries ethnographic accumulations items which are as; (1) Articles made of Felt, Fleece, Chuy & Leather, (2) Wood made Kyrgyz artisans, (3) Collections of traditional Kyrgyz embroidery, fleecy and non-fleecy weaving, (4) National Dress (5) Original women’s adornments (6) Artistic Horse Harnesses etc. (7) Material of Soviet era: accumulations of archives, photos, artistic creations, drawings, models, and gifts etc.

Al Halal Gallery

Al Halal Gallery – Moskva 49, cnr Sultan Ibraimov str” is a Small Modern art gallery museum being dedicated and explores the vibrant local Kyrgyz Art form & Artists. A fine Brutalise building is the best collective gathering of Allegorical Craftsmanship in Kyrgyzstan, with Russian works and Kyrgyz conceived specialists. Stand-outs work of Gaspar Aitiev and Theodor Herzen’s realistic work on ‘MANAS’.

Frunze House Museum

The museum is the birthplace of Mikhail Vasilyevich Frunze (1885–1925). The modest exhibition hall frames a solid shell around the covered bungalow. The place is know to the best form of soviet design. Touring the place could be remarkable and memorable journey.

State Museum Of Fine Arts Bishkek

If you are interested in Art or fine arts the place is for you. The delighted progressive work of Yuristanbek Shigaev and the customary motivated embroidered works of art, there was a few cases of conventional wood & wool tapestries and history caught in more formal artworks. There was a presentation of the works of Yuristanbek Shigaev (Well known Kyrgyz painter).

Lenin Statue

After getting independence from Soviet Union, most of the statue demolished. Lenin Statures in Bishkek (the only standing statue in Central Asia), situated & stand on Ala-Too Square, formerly known Lenin Square Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The “Lenin” Statue was re-established at back of “National Museum” since 2003.

Statue Of Kurmanjan Datka

The places known as The Tsaritsa of Alai, Kurmanjan Datka a state woman born on 1811 in Kyrgyzstan. She was famous as ‘The Queen of the South’ known for Oppression of Russian existence. Kyrgyz memorised her courage and published her image on 50 Som Note and street after her name.

Amusement Park & White House

People usually come for peace of mind; it is a Good place for a walk. People watching-riding on wild attractions, Soviet classics and modern Chinese roller coasters.

Dordoy Bazar Bishkek

The main entrepots in Chuy river valley are major shopping centre and employment hub. Dorby Bazar is one of greatest Asian public market and the largest wholesale and retail market in heart of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The various types of consumer goods available in Dorby Bazar includes; shoes, cloths, furniture and construction material, grocery, electric goods and electronic equipment, toys & automotive. Goods mainly come from China, Turkey, Russia, Thailand, Eurasia and Europe.

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