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Things You Need To Know About Phuket – Thailand

Here we come again! And now for the travelers who are prepared for their first big trip to Phuket. Thailand is the most popular tourist destination among young’s because of the vibrant & flexible culture that is accepted in Thailand, plus for the little older one’s also where many temples, Buddhist monasteries, and palaces can be visited.

When we think about Phuket first picture comes to mind is Exotic beaches, Night parties, Mouthwatering Food and Tuk-Tuk ride. But that’s not all, Phuket has much more in its kitty.

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It’s a safe heaven, more than anything it is very much safer to visit this place, be it a young couple or a couple who will be turning into 90’s in few days. This country takes care of the tourist as they are their own; people are friendly and happy to help you anytime.


Convenience is the crucial factor when we land in a different country for the first time, but here also the best convenient transport services you will find anytime 24*7. Tuk Tuk rides are cheap in contrast to taxis and you will love to explore the city from this ride. Yes, but if wanna travel in budget then a free advice, take Tuk-Tuk rides for day and taxis for night.


Phuket has the best services to offer, we all are familiar about Thai massages that are best for relaxing, and aching muscles additional services like pedicure, manicure, personal grooming, and hairstyling. You can find the best massage parlors everywhere. You can take as many services as you can, as they are affordable and yes they are very much professional! Their service is first in their class.



Street food is everybody’s favorite in every city of Thailand and you will even find Thais that are trying street food besides you, so don’t worry.
Not only hygienic but affordable too, do not hesitate while eating any of your type of cuisine.  You will find more of the International cuisines and less of the native Thai food.


Travel during the months between November to March, as these are the best times to make your travel experience better because Thailand as a whole is the country you would not prefer to go on Summers because it’s too sweaty, nor you will like to plan your trip in monsoon (nobody wants to sit in their hotel rooms for days watching rains).

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