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Spanish Standard – Places To Visit In Spain

Welcome To Spain – Places To Visit In Spain

The Article gives briefly description on History, Culture, Nightclubs or Nightlife in Spain and Places To Visit In Spain. Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, is really 17 autonomous regions, each with its own geography and culture. The capital, Madrid, is home to the Royal Palace and singular Prado museum, housing works by European masters, and Segovia to the north has a fairy-tale medieval castle and Roman aqueduct. Catalonia’s capital, Barcelona, is defined by Antonio Gaudi’s quirky modernist architecture, including the Sagrada Família basilica.

Culture of Spain

The cultures of Spain, reciprocal European cultures based on a variety of historical influences. Primarily ancient Rome, pre-Roman Celtic, Iberian culture, Phoenicians and Moors. In the areas of language and religion. The subsequent course of Spanish history added other elements to the country’s culture and traditions.

The Visigothic Kingdom left a sense of a united Christian Hispania that was going to be welded in the Reconquista. Spanish strongly influenced by Muslims by middle ages. The Spanish language derives directly from Vulgar Latin with significant lexical borrowings (8-10%) from Andalusian Arabic and minor influences from other languages including Basque, Iberian, Celtic) and Gothic. Other influence minority Jewish population in some cities.

The defeat of Muslims by Christian Reconquista (Reconquest) between ‘718 and 1492’, Spain became Roman Catholic country. Nation’s history, Mediterranean and Atlantic environment played a significant role in culture, culture of Latin America through the colonization of the Americas.

By the end of the 19th and 20th centuries, the Spaniards made expressions of cultural diversity easier than for the last seven centuries.[clarification needed] This occurred at the same period that Spain became increasingly drawn into a diverse international culture.

Spain has the third highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world, with a total of 44.

History Of Spain

The history of Spain dates back to the Early Middle Ages. In 1516, Habsburg Spain unified a number of disparate predecessor kingdoms; its modern form of a constitutional monarchy was introduced in 1813, and the current democratic constitution dates to 1978.

After the completion of the Reconquista, the kingdoms of Spain were united under Habsburg rule in 1516. At the same time, the Spanish Empire began to expand to the New World across the ocean, marking the beginning of the Golden Age of Spain, during which, from the early 1500s to the 1650s, Habsburg Spain was among the most powerful states in Europe.

In this time, Spain was involved in all major European wars, including the Italian Wars, the Eighty Years’ War, the Thirty Years’ War, and the Franco-Spanish War. In the later 17th century, however, Spanish power began to decline, and after the death of the last Habsburg ruler, the War of the Spanish Succession ended with the relegation of Spain, now under Bourbon rule, to the status of a second-rate power with a reduced influence in European affairs. The so-called Bourbon Reforms attempted the renewal of state institutions, with some success, but as the century ended, instability set in with the French Revolution and the Peninsular War, so that Spain never regained its former strength.

Fragmented by the war, Spain at the beginning of the 19th century was destabilised as different political parties representing “liberal”, “reactionary”, and “moderate” groups throughout the remainder of the century fought for and won short-lived control without any being sufficiently strong to bring about lasting stability. The former Spanish Empire overseas quickly disintegrated with the Latin American wars of independence and eventually the loss of what old colonies remained in the Spanish–American War of 1898.

Night Clubs At Spain

1) Amnesia Libiza
2) Sutton
3) Jamboree
4) Pacha
5) Sala Gold
6) Space Lbiza
7) Disco Mango
8) Opium Barcelona
9) Teatro Capital
10) Gabana Club
11) Joy Eslava
12) Mondo

Places To Visit In Spain – Popular Destinations In Spain

1) Barcelona
2) Madrid
3) Tenerife
4) Valencia
5) Majorca
6) Seville
7) Ibiza
8) Lanzarote
9) Gran Canaria
10) Minorca

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