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How Solo Travelling Can Be the Best Decision of Your Life

Travel brings power and love back to your life

This is the quote which I recently came across and it definitely makes sense to me. But to extend this thought I would add that solo travelling can be the best guide and teaches you what nothing else in life can. It helps you in self actualization and brings you much closer to yourself. Solo travelling works as a mirror which reflects your true self and clears all the doubts.

Solo Travelling is a Life Changing Experience

Travelling alone is an experience which has an endowment to change you forever. It makes you wiser, perceptive and content. When you travel alone you are away from all the stresses of life. You leave all the things behind and just lose yourself to the new location and its adventures. When you travel with a friend, no matter how close you are, how much alike you are, you still find yourself compromising somewhere or the other.

You are constantly weighed down by the stress of keeping the other person happy during the whole trip which hampers your own excitement. You want to see a historical monument but your friend wants to see a park, such conflicting situations will always arise and it might happen that you have to give up. It’s not like that the other person is not compromising but isn’t it great to have an option not to do at all? Solo travelling means no compromising and you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, at your own terms and pace.

Solo Travelling Brings More Freedom

Going solo means more freedom. Each day, it is you who get to decide everything. Whether you want to see that sunrise at morning or the star coated sky at midnight, you be the master of your plan. You get full freedom to extend or shorten a visit or stay in a particular city. I think nothing can be better than this!

Being around the same person everyday on a tour can be aggravating. Conflicts and fights are sure thing to happen. Very few are lucky to have a travel buddy with whom they are on a same page and both enjoy the same stuff. Otherwise, when people go on a trip in a group, it always leads to some kind of drama and all return with unresolved disputes. On the other hand, solo travellers get a benefit and they are able to avoid this situation completely.

Solo Travelling An Opportunity to Collect Memories for Lifetime

When you travel solo you take up a journey alone but return back with lots of unforgettable memories and some new friends! Accompanied with someone, your chances to meet new people become very less. You are glued to your friends and become ignorant of others. While lone travellers being a good sport just put their best foot forward and go out to meet new people around. They interact with whoever they come across in their way and keep going ahead making new friends.

Deeper Understanding of Destination

The lone wanderers get a deeper understanding of the destinations as compared to the non solo travellers. While the accompanied travellers are involved in chatting with friends and family, lone travellers are busy exploring, watching and seeing things with different perspective and intellect.

They are kind of more immersed in the feel of the surroundings. They witness what makes a place as it is they are seeing. Travelling solo also makes a way to a fresh start or a kind of escapism from the burden and harsh reality of life. When you are in a foreign land, you are a complete stranger to others. They don’t know you and your story. You can be anything there and present yourself as you like it.

Solo Travelling Assist in Personality Development

In the present fast pacing world we hardly get time for ourselves, especially an alone time. Solitude can be a struggle sometimes but dealing with it with open arms makes you stronger and wiser. Time spent all alone by yourself definitely makes you reflect on your life and you automatically become a better decision maker. When you are away from your friends and family you learn to appreciate them more.

You realise how important they are to you. Being alone for a long time, you start to miss the important people in your life and you seek to spend a good time with them when you return. While you get closer to someone after travelling solo, you may find who among the people you need to cut off from your life. You realise which relationships are toxic for you and do not need space any longer. This awareness may hurt you for sometime but will benefit you perpetually.


Travelling alone can be quite a task and may seem a struggle at first but the adventure and experience which comes along with it is surely worth facing. If you like my blog, please do write me and give your suggestions and feedback. So, pack your bags, take a step forward and go solo!

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