Lakes of Uzbekistan - You Should Know When Exploring Uzbekistan

Lakes of Uzbekistan – You Should Know When Exploring Uzbekistan

Lakes of Uzbekistan

Every lake tells a story or has a recollection affixed to it. In the post, we visually examine the favorite four best “Lakes of Uzbekistan”. You can now search for your favorite lake with travels mantra.

However, lakes mean different things to different people. For us, every lake is linked with a recollection, an emotion. There are some lakes that are unexplored, lost in desolation, others shattering with energy. For some it is all about water sports and picnic, for others, it is romance and solitude.

There is energy in Lake that can only be felt. Visually examining the fishermen in the morning, hiring “doing as” for the riding in the evening, going for long walks, consistently visually examining sunsets or moonrise, heedfully auricular discerning stories of legends associated with lakes. The fisherman and the city on the lake site, the many memorials for more to it than just being a lakes. Below is the list of best favourite Lakes of Uzbekistan.

Lake Charvak

Charvak Lake Uzbekistan

Charvak Lake is a prodigious and voluminous lake with clear blue water circumvented by Tien-Shan Mountain Ranges. Locals genuinely call it “Pearl of Tien-Shan Mountain“. A Nice breeze blows over calm serene water to soothe your ocular perceivers and soul; you feel you are in heaven. Many water sports activities like water scooter, banana boat ride, Para-sailing are available. One can additionally indulge in paragliding from one of the minuscule mountain peaks to have awe-inspiring bird’s ocular perceiver view of the lake.

Lake Aydarkul

Aydarkul Lake Uzbekistan

Aydarkul Lake is the component of man –made Aydar-Arnasay system lakes. It covers areas of 4000 square kilometres which is a miracle in the middle of the desert. And calling it a miracle because the inception of this lake on the southeast of ‘Kyzyl-Kum Desert‘ is very cryptic and doted to optically canvass its natural resplendence from the red sands of the “Kyzyl- Kum desert.”

Lake Sarygamysh

Sarygamysh Lake Uzbekistan


Sarykamysh Lake sited in central Asia which is located between the Caspian Sea and The Aral Sea. The northern part of this lake comes under Uzbekistan jurisdiction. And dote to camp here and visually examining flourishing migratory birdlife but to access this lake requires the felicitous sanction from the Ministry of Nature Auspice.

Lake Aral Sea

Aral Sea Lake Uzbekistan

The Aral Sea cited between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. According to Wikipedia, it is the fourth most astronomically immense lake in the world. This lake has opulent inhabitants, held itself 22 varieties of fishes out of which 4 could only be found in the Aral Sea. But today 90 percent of the Aral Sea has vanished; becoming a desert because of some incoherent actions were taken by the ascendancy.

“This is a malefaction against nature. The drought of the Aral Sea is a man-made tragedy”

There are many more lakes we can cerebrate of and each of them springs a recollection or an emotion. Everyone has a personal recollection annexed to lakes or a place and which is yours? Do you relish an indolent day at the site of comely Lake Charvak, bathing in the sun or does an adventure sport get your adrenaline pumping?
Travels Mantra has come up with a facile interactive implement to map the best in India. You can now choose whether you opiate a romantic destination or ashore to party away from the blues. Search for unexplored lakes, virgin lakes, lakes to spend time with family or friends or perhaps alone.  You can additionally look for romantic towns to spend your weekends, look out for places to victual, shacks and hotels and nearby sites as well. To explore more such places in the country, click here.

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