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Kiev is the capital and largest city of Ukraine. Its cultural, educational, industrial, scientific hub of Eastern Europe. It is situated on the Dnieper River and is a mix of the old and new; from architecture to the people. It is historically rich and a home to various churches and cathedrals.

There is so much to explore and do in this surprisingly interesting city. Let us look at few things that you can do in Kiev:

1. Visit Saint Sophia’s Cathedral

Saint Sophia's Cathedral Ukraine

This UNESCO heritage site Famous for its stunning architecture design it tops in the list of the most visited sites in Kiev and must do activity in Kiev. This place is serene, peaceful and you just can’t miss it. The interiors are beautifully decorated with paintings of thousands years old. This church presents the ancient history of Ukraine and captivates each with its mosaics. It has golden domes and a bell tower from where the view of the city looks fascinating. To enter the grounds next to the bell tower it costs 2Hr and to get inside the tower itself it costs 5Hr.

2. Ramble in the Greenery of Kiev’s Parks

Ramble in the Greenery of Kiev Parks

Kiev is considered as the green capital and it is overwhelming to see such lush verdure in the city. There is abundance of beautiful parks which are suitable for strolls and walks, Mariyinsky and Khreshchatyi parks are best among them and a thing not miss in the city. Their beauty is enhanced by the Dnieper River situated just next to them. There are some architectural landmark like a puppet theatre, Mariyinsky Palace and a lover’s bridge in the park campus which visitors can also see while walking through the park.

3. Enjoy Ukrainian Cuisine

Ukraine Cuisine

This should be definitely in your to do list as there is plethora of restaurants in Ukraine that serve authentic Ukrainian cuisine at different price range. Place like Puzata Hata offers traditional Ukrainian dishes at very low cost. You can also have dinner at Vulyk restaurant which serves traditional Ukrainian food. Overall, most of the restaurants have selection of Ukrainian food, even the bars and pizzerias. So there won’t be any harm in experimenting and finding a new gem of Ukrainian food expert.

4. Explore and Shop at Local Markets

Shop - Local Markets in Kiev

Street market scenes have emerged in Kiev and people cannot get over it as shopping is of course the most exciting thing to do for anyone. During summers lots of new markers appear in the lanes of the city offering whole new products and crafts. At these markets you will find clothing and handmade items and artefacts. At these markets local street food is also sold which is very cheap and tasty.

Andriyivsky Uzviz, which is a famous street in Kiev, is also famous for its art bazaar. It is very lively with art galleries, art and craft shops and artisans. You can just walk along in these lanes or buy some interesting stuff for yourself or your loved ones. Kiev also produces organic food which is natural and healthy; you can buy these fruits, vegetables and flowers from the local market.

5. Enjoy the Kiev Metro Ride

Kiev Metro Ride

The underground metro stations of Kiev are really beautiful. Who would say that they enjoyed travelling in metro because of the mosaics and chandeliers inside the underground? In Kiev it is possible, you will find stunning ceilings decorated with chandeliers and mosaic art on the walls giving it a feel of a historical museum or a palace. You will be amazed to see such embellished metro stations and will fall in love with it. Not just beautiful, the fare is pretty cheap as well, which makes it worth doing thing in Kiev during the trip.

6. River Cruise on Dnieper River

Dnieper River Cruise Ukraine

Dnieper River runs through the heart of the city and it do the work of separating the modern river bank to the historical one. Watching the city from the boat is another level experience and activity to do in the city and actually the best way to get the glimpse of views. The boat departures from the bank at every half an hour and provides mesmerizing views of the city. The price for the cruise is few dollars and offers a great ride.

7. Indulge in the Exciting Nightlife

Ukraine Nightlife

Kiev has a nightlife which is so lively and vivacious that your feet won’t stop from entering the pubs and night clubs and shaking a leg at the great music. The bars and clubs are spread across the city in huge numbers and those placed at the centre are more famous among the foreigners.

Apart from the clubs, there are casinos and strip clubs for the night owls. From cheap bars to elite club, there are varieties of options available for the party animals. Young or old, there is something for everyone in Kiev. So take out your best party outfits and have a time of your life in the city of pleasure seekers.

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