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Tashkent Earthquake Memorial

Earthquake Memorial – Tashkent

The 1966 Tashkent earthquake occurred on 26 April in the Uzbek SSR. It had a magnitude of 5.1 with an epicenter in central Tashkent at a depth of 3–8 kilometers. The earthquake caused massive destruction to Tashkent, destroying most of the buildings in the city, killing between 15 and 200 people and leaving 300,000 homeless.

Following the disaster, most of the historic parts of Tashkent had destroyed and the city rebuilt, modeled on Soviet architectural styles..Soviet authorities created an Institute of seismology in order to forecast future earthquakes

History Of Earthquake Memorial

Much of this is due to a devastating earthquake the epicenter of which was smack in the middle of Tashkent. While there’s not a huge loss of life, much of the city flattened. On April 26, 1966, a powerful earthquake struck Tashkent at 5:23 a.m. The quake had a magnitude of only 5.2, but because the seismic activity was so deep [from 3 to 8 kilometers below the ground] it was seismically ranked somewhere between an 8 and a 9 on the earth’s surface and caused considerable damage to structures in the city’s center. The center of destruction concentrated in an area of around 10 square kilometer..

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