Dordoy Bazaar Bishkek – Kyrgyzstan Tour

Dordoy Bazaar in bishkek is a large wholesale and retail market in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. It is one of Asia’s greatest public market places, comparable to Bangkok’s Chatuchak weekend market or Tehran’s Grand Bazaar.

It has been described by a Western journalist as “a modern monument to the power of raw commerce”. Dordoy Bazaar is not just a major shopping and employment center for the Bishkek metropolitan area and entire Chuy River Valley region, but also one of the main entrepots through which consumer goods from China arrive to shops and markets in Kazakhstan, Russia, and Uzbekistan. According to some economists, this re-export is one of two largest economic activities of Kyrgyzstan.

Dordoy Bazaar (nicknamed Tolchok, which means ‘jostling crowd’) is a huge weekend flea market of imported consumer goods and junk about 7 km north of the center. You might strike gold with the occasional North Face jacket here. Buses 185, 132, 25 and 200 run to Dordoy from the northern corner of Soviet and Chuy.