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Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan the Central Asian nation known for its mosques, mausoleums and other sites linked to the Silk Route, the ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean with almost secluded by the modern day travelers from a long time, this country is one of the most visited countries in Central Asia.

Making the travelers go back to the ancient era, visitors see here the trails of antique construction and alluring silk route tour cities like Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand.

Are you wishing for a time travel? And want to join the club of Alexander the great or Genghis Khan, then you must visit this country once in a lifetime.

Famous sites to see in Uzbekistan are:-

1. Samarkand

The city has a surprising collection of ancient monuments and the ancient city, has so many curious past which only best known by visiting the historical monuments. The prime monuments of the city are Registan Square a traditional center of the region Bibi – Khanum Mosque.

2. Chimgan Mountains

Chimgan Mountains are the part of Chatkal Reserve. Settled in 1947 consists of terrain, lowland valleys and high mountain peaks and even the glaciers.

3. Charvak Lake

Charvak Lake, which are mesmerizing and grabs most of the sightseer. With 280 species alone in Chatkal reserve, people are amazed to see a gray bear, snow tigers and Berkel eagles here.

4. Tashkent

The capital city is the mix of modern and soviet era architecture with museums and mosques telling us about the history. Chorsu Bazaar the popular bazaar of Tashkent situated under domed building.

Fine Arts Museum is also the main attraction point for the tourists with the collection of thousands of artifacts and antiques.

5. Bukhara

The ancient city of Uzbekistan was once the stop for many silk route traders, bazaars, mosques and madrasas from 9th to the 17th century, still untouched and alive. The Ark (Fortress), Chor-minor, Kalyan Minaret is most famous in Bukhara.

6. Khiva

The important and sometimes overlooked by the visitors situated between the mighty Kyzylkum and Karakum deserts. Khiva is divided into two parts one is Itchan Kala, where the magic of Islamic architecture available and another is Dichon-Qala, where the majority of the population live and modern buildings are situated.

7. Urgench

This city is closely located near the Uzbek – Turkmen border. This city has some outing point but it plays the role as the transit nodal point in the region. Urgench connected to Khiva with the rare trolley bus line. It is the ideal place to start a tour to Khiva and Kunya Urgench.

8. Fergana Valley

Ethnically diverse city is divided into three republics. Also you can take a drive from Tashkent to Fergana Valley yet, you will see some dazing peaks and huge basin when passing through. Most great sights to visit here are Khan’s palace, Kumtepa Bazaar, Babur Literary Museum.

9. Nukus

Savitsky, which contains more than 50,000 associate and weird pearls, hamper in the midst of the Soviet time task. The Base of the startling store of Soviet Avant grade and ruins of an aral sea. With the effort to attract more tourists the town spruced with modern shops and improved entrance in the center.

10. Nurata

Foothills are touched by small town. Located nearly 200km from Samarkand. The growing number of eco-tourism has definitely grown the number of visitors in the town. Nurata famous for its old, circled pattern Suzzani and few offbeat tourist attractions. Prominent is the fortress of Alexander the great and charismatic Chashma Spring.

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