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Aral Sea to Aralkum Desert



The Aral disaster is the finest lesson of an ecological problem with serious social and economic consequences, connected with maximum states of Central Asia. The critical situation caused by Aral Sea drying off on the basis of irrigated agriculture development and volume growth of irrevocable water consumption for irrigation.

Aral-Sea (“Salt sea” situated in central asia between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan) was one of the beautiful lake rather than sea. Once it was known as World fourth Largest Salt Lake in the year 1945, after the Caspian Sea And carries about 10 grams of salt per litre .The sea, which borders southern Uzbekistan and northern Kazakhstan and was once it covers 69,000 km square (27,300 square miles), has dried up somewhat since the 1959 when Two of the major rivers in the region, the Syr Darya and the Amu Darya, were diverted by the Soviet government through dams and canals to the irrigation of the cotton fields and other agriculture in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.


After the disaster

After the level of water goes down the name of aral sea has been changed to the Aralkum Dessert. It is the youngest dessert in the globe. This is another leave in Uzbekistan, situated set up of the previous base of the Aral Sea. Due to the wealth of salt once in a while called Akkum, deciphered as “white forsake”. The Aral Sea started drying in the 1960-s, today this procedure is as yet going on. To date, the new abandon range evaluated to achieve 38,000 m2 and size progressively increments.

Aral sea or Aralkum Desert for travellers


Outing to Aral Sea one of those that empower every explorer to feel the human frenzy and supernatural occurrences of nature, see the human power in design landmarks of Karakalpakstan and its spirit in the sketches kept in Savitsky Museum.
Aral Sea fascinating, particularly remembering that you strolling what used to base of ocean. There’re ocean shells everywhere throughout the ground and dry ocean plants. The spots around uneven and plain, as an abandon put. Yet, it is wonderful to see.

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