How To Apply For Indian Passport Follow The New Rules

How To Apply For Indian Passport Follow The New Rules


How To Apply For Indian Passport Follow The New Rules – Important questions And Answers

Person looking for Indian passport which comes into the jurisdiction of CPV (The Consular, Passport & Visa) Division of MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), Govt. of India, that provides passport services through CPO (CPO – Central Passport Organization). CPO has network of 37 offices across India and denominated PSKs and PSLKs (77 Passport Seva Kendras (PSKs) and 19 Passport Seva Laghu Kendras (PSLKs)). The services of passport and other miscellaneous for services for Indians lives outside India or abroad are rendering by 185 Indian Missions and Posts.

What is Passport and why is this necessary?

Passport is an essential mandatory document for travellers who wanted to travel abroad for business, educational purpose, family holiday, pilgrimage and for medical assistance etc. Over the years the demand of passport increases rapidly because of Globalisation. Business expended its leg’s to multinational countries and even for taking higher education from abroad. People often find it difficult because of high demand of passport and related services and the demand comes from urban as well as rural India. In 2010, the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) launched the project for resolving the demand in prescriptive time frame and they name it “Passport Seva Project”.

New rules set on passport or questions in mind while applying for passport?

There are lots of quarry and issue when applying passports which are as follows:

1)      What types of passport and form have to fill while applying for passport in India?

2)      How & where to apply for passport and the definition of minor issue?

3)      Does minor or child for one month’s baby require a separate passport? Or his/her name can be endorsed in one of the parent’s passport?

4)      Before applying for Childs passport is it necessary to parents (both father and mother) should have passport?

5)      Is it possible for applicant of 16 Years to apply and obtain passport for 10 Years?

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6) Where does an applicant submit or apply for passport?

Passport Seva Kendras or PSKs are the place to submit or apply for passport and related services. Now a day’s these Kendras and offices expends its wings to cover passport related issues and services.

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The List of Passport Offices in India is following:

Ahmedabad Amritsar Andaman and Nicobar Bengaluru Bareilly
Bhopal Bhubaneswar Chandigarh Chennai Cochin
Coimbatore Dehradun Delhi Ghaziabad Goa
Guwahati Hyderabad Jaipur Jammu Jalandhar
Kolkata Kozhikode Lucknow Madurai Malappuram
Mumbai Nagpur Patna Pune Raipur
Ranchi Shimla Srinagar Surat Thane
Tiruchirappalli Trivandrum Visakhapatnam

Types of passport and form to fill:

1. If you wanted to apply passport for the first time?
2.  If you wanted to re-issue of passport for the reasons below:
(a) If your passport is either expired or about to expire?
(b) If your passport already have expired for more than 3 Years?
(c) If your passport lost validity within 3 Years?
(d) If you wanted to change specific detail or particulars in your passport?
(e) If the booklet of your passport damaged, exhausted or lost?

Issue related to main application form:

If anyone fined any printing mistake or error on application form and in passport booklet, the person should have return to rectify the necessary fields. And the charge of additional fee depends on discrete and jurisdiction of Passport Officers or his deputy. If an applicant wanted to apply online, ensure that passport delivered is error free.

Police clearance certificate form: It can be issued for one country through one application form.

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People always found it difficult when applying for new passport or wanted to re-issue the passport. If you are new to apply for passport and have heard lots of stories related to passport and other services. We would be happy to assist you and our dedicated team assist and guide you. People often find difficult when applying for Visa services as well, we are happy to announce that we are specialized in tour & travel as well as in Visa Consultancy Services. If you have any question on the above issue please write us and we would try to rectify your quarries as soon possible.

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