Holidays in Almaty - 6 Exclusive Reasons Why Almaty Is an Ultimate Travel Destination

6 Exclusive Reasons Why Almaty Is an Ultimate Travel Destination

Almaty is the biggest city of Kazakhstan, not only that but it also has a reputation of being the cultural and financial centre of the country. This city is spectacularly set amidst the snow-capped peaks of the Zailysky-Alatau Mountains. It is peaceful and green city with traditional architecture giving a feel of unmodernised life.

As the city is so exclusive and unique for its culture and people, it is worth visiting this less travelled city. Here are 6 reasons to justify why you should travel to Almaty:

1. Easy Connectivity

Easy Connectivity Almaty

Almaty being the biggest city of Kazakhstan, major European and Asian airlines fly there and Air Astana, which is the national airline of Kazakhstan, has a hub in Almaty. This convenience gives plenty of opportunities to get there. Not just flights but trains are also well connected to the city. By train one can easily travel to Almaty from Russia, Uzbekistan, china and other places. So, if the destination is so reachable one cannot miss the opportunity to go there.

2. Friendly People and a Taste of Life

Friendly People & the Taste of Life

Initially you will feel Kazakhs are rude and they never smile. But after spending some time around you would be surprised to see how welcoming and kind natured they are. Almaty people are friendly and are always willing to help. If they know that you are a tourist they will come forward to help you even without asking. Be it a cafe, restaurant or any shop, the workers are benign and helpful. Their heartfelt hospitality will amaze you and the prejudices will prove to be untrue.

3. Art and the Mix of Architecture

Art & the Mix of Architechture

Almaty was firstly recognised in the 13th century when it was one of the stops on the silk route. As Almaty’s history is epic, the architecture has a mix of soviet past and European touch. There’re some small patterns on the blocks that make this place unique and beautiful. These tiny details are not hard to spot in every monument and even an ordinary structure looks absolutely stunning with these minute detailing. Among the concrete buildings there lie some wooden houses which are pretty enough to catch the attention. One such wooden building is Zenkov Cathedral: the second tallest building in the world. It gives a fairy tale feel with numerous rich and colourful ornaments.

4. Almaty Food and Cafe Culture

Food and Cafe Culture Almaty

Almaty has a remarkable café culture. There are countless cafes in Almaty which are pretty amazing and reasonable. Every café provides some decent food options and equally delicious meal. Almaty cafes can be good choice for the freelancers who are looking for peaceful environment, free Wi-Fi and affordable food prices.

Almaty has a very diverse food scene and there are many restaurants which serve different cuisines from all over the world so, options for vegetarians are also not limited. It is heart-breaking to say that a pure vegetarian cannot really enjoy the local delicacies Kazakhstan has to offer. Grilled lambs, huge bread loafs, and pilau rice is hard to resist! Every restaurant serves food in good quantity and you will be pleased to spend money on food which is so filling and hearty.

5. Nature’s Retreat in Almaty

Nature Retreat Almaty

When you are in Almaty you are sure to be overwhelmed by the natural beauty. There is no need to go out of the city to experience the lush greenery: Mountains, canyons, and tranquil lake, all are there to surround you with charm of nature. In Almaty you can indulge in activities which will bring you closer to nature. You can go for hiking, biking, and skiing and see some of the most breath-taking views.

6. Almaty Nightlife

Almaty Nightlife

Young or old, Almaty has a nightlife which does not disappoint anyone. The clubs and pubs in Almaty are lively whole night and will not bore you at all! The nightclub scenes are well aware of how to get its groove on. There are some clubs which feature some of the best DJs and artists from the world who will definitely strike the dancing cords in you. Another culture in these clubs is the night show featuring women dancers. So do not get surprised to see scantily clad women dancing on the floor because this is a very usual thing here! So, if you want to forget all the problems and just party real hard for whole night, Almaty is the best place to head on.

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