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5 Places to Visit in Astana, Kazakhstan

Why Should Tourist Come to Visit Astana? and
What Do You Do for Entertainment in Astana?

Do you know? Astana is the second coldest capital city in the world after Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Here, are the answers to the prior questions by describing you “5 Place to Visit in Astana for Tourist“.

Bayterek Tower

Bayterek Tower Astana

The modern tower symbolizes the legend of egg on the top of the tree. The tower is based on the idea which represents a mythical story of happiness bird, named as “Samruk” that laid its egg in the crevice between two branches of a poplar tree. The base of the tower contains a ticket booth and exhibition space, with two lifts rising the shaft to the observation deck within the ‘egg’.  It is an observing monument tower which was completed on 10 August 2002. It is located in the capital city of Astana. An entrances of the monument are sunk below eye level, reached by stairs from the surrounding plaza. It is the landmark of the city.

Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre

Khan Shaytr Entertainment Center Astana

Khan Shatyr “The Royal Marquee” is a giant transparent tent location in Astana. It is the master example of engineering like the fabric roof constructed with ETFE-cushions provided by Vector Foiltec suspended on a network of cables fibre from a central spire. The 500 feet tent that has a 200m oval base covering 140,000 square meters under the tent. An area bigger than 10 football stadiums, is an urban-scale internal park, shopping and entertainment venue with squares. And cobbled streets, a boating river, shopping centre, mini golf and indoor beach resort. The translucent thing allows sun rays through which, in conjunction with the stack effect, air heating, and cooling systems, is designed to maintain an internal temperature.

Ak Orda Presidential Palace

Ak Orda Ppresidential Palace Astana

Ak Orda Presidential Palace is the official workplace of the President of Kazakhstan, located on the left bank of the Ishim River, in the capital city of Astana. The palace includes a blue and gold dome topped with a spire. This golden statue at top of the dome includes the sun with 32 rays at its apex and it also includes a steppe eagle flying beneath the sun. The colour gold features prominently throughout the complex and twenty-one types of marble used on the floor patterns.

Nur-Astana Mosque

Nur-Astana Mosque

Nur-Astana Mosque is third largest mosque in Central Asia. The mosque is located at the left riverbank in the city of Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan. The 40-meter (131-foot) height represents the age of the Prophet Muhammad when he received the declaration (The age Prophet Muhammad when he died).
Story behind the mosque: The mosque was a present in accordance with the consent of the Kazakhstan President, Nursultan Nazarbayev and the Emir of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa.

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation Astana

The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation also called the place of peace and reconciliation; The structure is containing five “stories” of triangles, each pyramid being 12m on a side. The lower portions contains three “stories” of triangles, are dressed in pale granite. The upper two rows of triangles, 4 triangles per side, form a varnish apex; alternative of stone cladding the triangles of the top feature a design of stained glass by Brian Clarke, incorporating doves. The Pyramid especially built to host the Congress Leaders of World with traditional religions. It contains living quarters for different religions via. Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Daoism and other faiths. It also has a 1,500-seats opera house, a national museum of culture, a new “university of civilization”. Also have a book room and a testing ground for Kazakhstan’s traditional and geographical groups. This diversity is unified within the pure form of a pyramid.

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