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What Would Be the Best Almaty City Tour Package from Delhi?


So many different places in Central Asia attracts tourist from around the world. We shares mesmerising experience on Almaty, Kazakhstan. In this article, our focus to the remarkable journey and recollections of Almaty city tour package from Delhi. It’s a renowned city situated in the foothills of Kazakhstan. Almaty is the world city, According to “GAWC” report. The GAWC reports the city into moderate economic regions in the world economy that included Almaty into “beta” category.

In Kazakh and Russian language “Almaty” means   full of apples and “father of apples” respectively which express the habitation of many varieties of Apples. We as an Indian resident used to think Kashmir has the yummiest apples in the world but Almaty’s apples are additionally the mouth-watering apple in the world.

The City Centre Park Almaty

Central Park Almaty

The Central Park Almaty

Stroll around Almaty – there are plenty of activities in a city centre park, green spaces flanked by astonishing architecture – Panfilov Park with the colourful onion-domed Zenkov Cathedral is particularly striking. The Park itself is very good while take a walk or ride on the attractions. One of favourite attraction & surprise and for children – a locomotive experiencing place.

The Museum of Kazakh


The Museum of Kazakhstan Musical Instruments

Next place to visit is The Museum of Kazakh. The old musical instruments in Museum of Kazakh imported from counties like; Germany, Czech Republic, Serbia etc.

Zeloni Bazaar Almaty

Zeloni Bazaar Almaty

The Zeloni Bazaar Almaty

For an extensive shopping experience, you have to visit Zeloni bazaar (green bazaar) ‘the main bazaar of Almaty’. The Bazaar comprises of meat, vegetables, fruits, pickles, condiments, national delicacies and much more. The bazaar will satisfy any buyer, regardless of the amount and off-course the money in the wallet because only cash is accepted for payment or any kind of transaction.

Almaty Central Mosque


Almaty Central Mosque

Praise to Allah in a nice big Almaty Central Mosque. It is difficult to choose an angle for a beautiful photo-shoot. Experience the peace, calmness and prey for wellbeing of our family.

The Hotel Kazakhstan

The Hotel Kazakhstan

The Hotel Kazakhstan

The Hotel Kazakhstan – The symbol of Almaty, always liked this building both externally and constructively. Feels great here and behind the hotel there’s an excellent quiet park.

The Medeo-Ile-Alatau National Park


The Medeo-Ile-Alatau National Park

Travel to the Medeo-Ile-Alatau National Park the business card of Almaty. Favourite place to local citizen as well as for tourists. You can pay for tickets and skate rental with payment cards. There is an opportunity to purchase through the internet at a discount. Here cafes, bars, and restaurants in abundance both on the territory of the stadium and around. The dining room under the eastern stand are economic and favourite for most of the tourists.

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