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Tbilisi Georgia Agent For Holiday Packages

Tbilisi Georgia is located at the crossroads between Europe and Asia. And has seamlessly integrated aspects of various cultures. While Georgia holding its own particular unparalleled personality. Georgia Covering territory of only 69,700 sq. km. Georgia is renowned for its fascinating history, majestic Caucasus Mountains, the Black Sea coastline, curative climate, healing mineral waters, national parks and UNESCO Heritage Sites.

For centuries, Tbilisi Georgia has been the cultural, educational and transportation centre for the Caucasus region; with some of the most famous trade routes like the Silk Road Tour passing on its soil.

The nation’s successive joining into the European Union speaks to the most critical bearings. That leads to  Nation’s political and economic development. In 2014 Georgia, signed an Association Agreement with the European Union. And further contributed to the Nations Safety, Security, and Integrity. The country has undertaken an initiative to become a member of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

Today, Tbilisi Georgia ranks among the most prospective countries in Europe; with the World Economic Forum Competitiveness Index 2014-2015 placing the nation 23rd out of 144 countries with the least amount of irregular payments and bribes and 37th out of 148 countries in the reliability of police service. Hereby, the New York Times named Georgia 25th out of “52 places to go in 2015”.

The authenticity and unique cultural heritage, alongside lead rankings in the world’s most prestigious indexes, have turned Tbilisi Georgia into a premier travel destination in the region. The number of visitors to the country has been growing drastically over the past decade and for the second year in a row. Annual International visitors arrivals exceeded to more than 5 million mark, which considerably is more than the population of the country.

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