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Spring Season At Uzbekistan – Tour Guide

Why Do We Like Spring

Spring Season At Uzbekistan; The Sun shines better, the Trees are in full Bloom. And we say good bye to warm and bulky sweaters. Spring is the only season when people congratulate each other on the occasion of its coming. We like Spring because of its festivals and Navruz is the most significant of them. The Festival of a new life of sun and fire worship is 3000 years old and it takes place on march 21, The Day of Vernal Equinox…..

Welcome New Day

For Uzbekistan this charming season really sets in on march 21. It is a special day in a seamless procession of other calendar days. We whole heartedly welcome the ancient Holi day of Navruj “The New Day” In Persian, and enjoy the warmth of the vernal sun and the softness of the wind. Since time immemorial, Navruj has been associated with the beginning of new life, With belief in Miracle and with warmth and light.

Not without reason it is said that the origin of Navruj is connected with the worship of the sun. In Zoroastrianism, it symbolized the triumph of good over evil. Strabo, the Greek historian of antiquity, described the Navruj Festival as one of the most respected holidays in Maverannahr, the state once located between Sir Darya and Amu Darya.

On that day, all Merchants and Craftsmen closed their store and workshop in order to participate in every conceivable amusement, enjoy warm weather and spring and eat delicious dishes. By the oriental calendar the New Years Begins On the day of Navruj. People Of Sunny Uzbekistan along with those living in the neighboring countries, look forward to it every year. In former times people thought Navruj to be the touch stone of the whole year, so it had to be celebrated to every body’s satisfaction..

In Order to turn over a new leaf, you should undertake a task of renovation and purification. You need to clean your house and the territory adjacent to it ….

Cooking Of Sumalyak (Uzbek Cuisine) is another Navruj Tradition. Sumalyak, The main dish at festive meal is made of Germinating Wheat. They sing songs and perform dances to add taste to Sumalyak..

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