Do You Know What Authentic Food are Their in Bishkek

Do You Know What Authentic Food are Their in Bishkek

Paloo Bishkek

What Fun Is It To Go To A New Place And Not Eat All The Delicious Authentic Food That Kyrgyz Offers? It Would Most Definitely Be Shame. It Would Be An Opportunity For Food Lovers To Explore The Delicacies of Kyrgyzstan. So Here I Suggest You To Have Once in a lifetime Bishkek Kyrgyzstan Tour. Below Are Some Of The Most Famous And Delicious Dishes That Are In Bishkek And Be Warned – Your Mount Will Water!


Paloo Bishkek

Made with locally grown rice from the south, and flavored with spices for a delicious taste and smell, this dish is in both vegetarian and non vegetarian with chunks of meat (mutton, chicken etc.) or prunes, apricots and raisins respectively. It is a famous dish throughout central Asia and keeps you wanting more.



Shashlik Food in Bishkek

Meat (Mutton, chicken, fish etc) that has been marinated for hours is grilled to perfection and served with raw sliced onions. It can be sold in restaurants as well as on the streets.



Shorpo Soup in Bishkek

This delighted food is really tasty and one of the most dish in Bishkek. A real famous ‘Meat Soup’ made in meat stock.


Kuurdak Food in Bishkek

One of the oldest and main dishes of Kyrgyzstan. It is known as stewed brown meat and can be made from any meat except pork. It is known for its taste and is loved by all people who have it.


Samsa Bishkek

A mixture of meat, vegetables, cheese, and cabbage, chicken and sometimes even pumpkin put into small holdings of bread. Are very common street food and similar looking to the Indian Samosa.


Lagman Bishkek Food

Made from hand stretched noodles, tossed in chopped pepper and other vegetables and served in a vinegar based sauce. It is a spicy dish and is served everywhere in Kyrgyzstan due to its popularity. It can be vegetarian as well as non vegetarian.



Manti Food in Bishkek

Steamed dumplings filled with ground meat, served with garlic flavoured yoghurt and spices, with a strong flavour of olive oil.


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