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Indian Restaurants in Tashkent – Made Easy for You

We Indians just love Indian cuisine. We are so obsessed with it that even when we travelling to a foreign land, we seek Indian food. While being excited for the trip, we constantly concerned about what kind of food will be served and if it is going to be pure vegetarian. And as the number of Indian travellers have considerably increased in the past, the demand for Indian restaurants in Tashkent have also raised.

Talking about Tashkent in particular, there are some Indian restaurants available that offer authentic Indian food at very reasonable prices. Here is the list of Indian restaurants in Tashkent which are very famous among the travels and the locals as well:

The Host

The Host Tashkent

This is considered as the best Indian restaurant in Tashkent. The Host serves authentic Indian food and the service also worth appreciating. The staff also recommends the food, you can order & you get to decide the level of spiciness in your food. The menu is considerably vast and options are multiple. Palak paneer, dal makhani, chicken malai tikka, some of the most preferred items from the menu. The food served hot and delicious at affordable rates. This can be a must visiting place, if you want to eat an Indian meal.

Raaj Kapur Restaurant

Raaj Kapur Tashkent

The place situated on the second floor of the Le Grand Plaza Hotel. After entering the restaurant one has to take back to the good old days of Raaj Kapur’s movies. It serves authentic Indian food from different regions of the country. The decent menu and the variety of dishes being served at a restaurant. You can try palak paneer, butter paneer masala, and Indian bread here. Indian sweets are must try!

Patiala House

Patiala House Restaurant Tashkent

Patiala House, another restaurant in Tashkent which serves Indian food. Patiala House, a centrally located with nice décor. The service is quite good but the food quality is fine. This place serves food along with gala dinner: Uzbek women performing the dance on Uzbek music at night. The numerous dishes being served and bar facility is also available. If you are planning to travel Tashkent, Travels Mantra provides best Tashkent Tour Packages from India.

Brham ji

Brham Ji Tashkent

Brham Ji restaurant provides buffet at the rate of 12000 SOM per person. The taste of food is quite good but the ambiance and décor are average and needs improvement. Brham ji a place recommended for you, if you are just concerned about Indian food and nothing else.

Ragu Restaurant

Ragu Restaurant Tashkent

Ragu restaurant known for its Indian dishes as well as the other international cuisines. The interior and ambiance are beautiful and they provide live music and shows too. Ragu is a very popular Indian restaurant that offers a menu containing over 150 dishes and a wide range of vegetarian food. Food tastes quite spicy and according to the taste of Indian flavors. Indian folk music playing in the background complements the Indian style decorations.

Now that you are aware of the Indian restaurants in Tashkent you don’t have to worry about daily meals while traveling to Tashkent. Your search for Indian food made easy by us!

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