Georgia Tourism; Seven Beautiful Reasons To Fall In Love With Georgia

Georgia Tourism; Seven Beautiful Reasons To Fall In Love With Georgia

Georgia is a country located at the boundaries of Europe and Asia. It is becoming a popular tourist destination all over the world. The residents of Georgia need not travel to explore the nature, this country has it all. From numerous green valleys, stone mountains, vineyards to old churches, clock towers, cave cities etc., it is a country worth a visit.

Here are the reasons you can’t help but fall in love with Georgia or Georgia Tourism:

1. Georgians or The People of Georgia

Georgians or The People of Georgia

One of the main reasons to love this place is because of the people living in this country. They are very kind, warm and welcoming towards their guests, you can have a friendly chat with them without any fear or hesitation. They believed that guests are a sacred thing and are a gift from god so they make sure that those who are visiting their country are having a great time.

2. Georgian Food

Georgian Food Travels Mantra

The food is unique to the country and provides a combination of both vegetarian and meat dishes. Khinkali is a dumpling filled with potato, beef, cheese and mushrooms is one of the famous dishes, Khachapuri Adjaruli is another dish which is a triangular shaped dough topped with cheese, eggs and butter and is good to have. Apart from this, Georgia provides one of the best fried chickens, sweet tea, sea food and a lot more.

3. Natural Beauty of Georgia

Natural Beauty of Georgia

You will fall in love with the natural beauty this country has, you have Caucasus mountains with snow peaks, black sea beaches, rushing waterfalls, hikes and hilltops, botanical gardens, nature parks etc. In winters, one can go skiing or snowboarding and the summers are usually fair sunny days making the weather ideal.

4. Cave Cities in Georgia

Cave Cities in Georgia Travels Mantra

This can be a solo reason to visit here, Georgia is a home to various unusual cave cities. One of them being Uplistsikhe, an ancient cave town and one of the oldest towns in Georgia, another cave is the Prometheus cave which was discovered in the year 1984 and is the biggest cave in Georgia. Other cave cities are Sataplia, Vardzia etc.

5. Ancient Churches of Georgia

Ancient Churches of Georgia Travels Mantra

The country is full of ancient and beautiful churches which are spectacular to visit. Bagrati cathedral and Mtskheta cathedral located here features in the list of UNESCO world famous heritage sites. Churches here, represents the artistic and cultural level and the medieval architecture in Georgia.

6. Georgia The Birthplace of Wine

Georgia The Birthplace of Wine by Travels Mantra

Georgia is considered as “the birthplace of wine”. It is a big part of the country’s culture and their wine making process here is around 8000 years old. There are hundreds of grape varieties here and over half of these varieties are only available here. It is slowly getting recognition from all over the world for the wine they produce. Some of the famous wines are Aguna, Khvanchkara, Mukuzani, Saperavi etc.

7. Museums of Georgia

Museums of Georgia by Travels Mantra

Georgia is full of history and there are lots of museums to describe the history of the country. No matter where you are, as soon as you step outside, you will find a glimpse of the history through one of the artefacts there. Some of the museums are Atlanta history centre, Georgia museum of art, National infantry museum and soldier centre etc.

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