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Georgia State Museum,Theatre,Music And Choreography

Georgia State Museum, Theater, Music And Choreography

Georgia Theater, Cinema, Music And Choreography show Rich Cultural Inheritance And Without That Georgian Culture is rare. The museum history begins from the building of a impressive Place which now houses a cache of Georgian Cultural Objects .

History Of Georgia

The Georgian State Museum of Theater, Music, Cinema and Choreography is an important depository for our cultural objects. The museum is also the most dazzling buildings in Tbilisi. It was designed too well – known architect, Paul Stern, and is a perfect example of gothic and Islamic architecture. A three – story tower, high merlons, superbly adorn crown, open terrace, and hilly roof link to give building an amazing look which is most exotic of the building style of Tbilisi.

The historic structure adds even more charm to the building.

In 1882, German Prince Constantine Oldenburg (1850 – 1906) met a dazzling woman called Agraphina Japaridze in Kutaisi. At the time she married to Georgian noble man Dadiani. Prince Oldenburg was so dazzled by her beauty that sure to ignore her marital status and to confess his love for her. Prince Oldenburg’s story turned Agraphina Japaridze’s head; she quickly forgot her devotion to her husband, and the lovers left Kutaisi and went to settle in Tbilisi. Prince Oldenburg instruct the building of the dazzling place for his beloved as a token of his great love for her. In 1927 the Museum of Theater, founded by David Arsenishvili (1905 – 1963) a great Georgian public figure (later appointed as the First Chof the Andrei Rublev Museum in Moscow), was moved to the building.

Museum Collections Description

The museum houses rich goods which reflect history of old and new Georgian Theater, Music, Cinema and Choreography. Among them are: samples of the XVII c. painting, Persian miniatures, German and French prints, works of XX c. artists, Collection of personal letters, article, archives of well – known writers and public figures. At the point the museum is under the full repair.

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