eVisa of Kyrgyz Republic – How to Apply for Kyrgyzstan eVisa

eVisa of Kyrgyz Republic – How to Apply for Kyrgyzstan eVisa

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic announced the execution of Electronic visa or eVisa framework from 1st September 2017.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan showed the procedure for acquiring electronic visas and portrayed in which cases it is issued. In this way, business or tourist electronic visa can be gotten by every single foreign native and stateless people for up to 90 days.

An eVisa is considered within three days. The foreign nationals who wanted visa do not  need to visit the government office/department and can apply whenever convenient.

The procedure for applying an application takes note more than 3 minutes.

Electronic visa application does not require more data than conventional paper application and it concedes an indistinguishable ideal to enter Kyrgyzstan domain from customary sticker-visa in the international ID.
Applying for a visa through www.evisa.e-gov.kg has bunches of favorable circumstances. No need to submit the original docs in Embassy or physically present at Embassy or Consular Office.

All you require is to check the eligibility (country wise and condition of passport). You can check if you are eligible for e-Visa by going (Link: www.evisa.e-gov.kg) >>> Get data >>> Do I require the visa? What’s more, select your nation/locale of the travel report. Every tourist must get a different e-Visa, which includ newborn child and kids (regardless of the possibility that youngsters/babies are incorporated into their folks’ travel papers).

Service of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan has propelled e-Visa entrance to encourage visa issuance process for veritable explorers. Tourists have the likelihood to acquire a tourist visa without visiting by an embassy/consular office of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Your travel record must be substantial for 6 months from the date you mean to enter Kyrgyzstan. If you are interested to travel Kyrgyzstan contact “Travels Mantra” Visa Consultant at 1800-2121-225 (toll-free) for Kyrgyzstan Visa support.

The electronic visas issued just for two classes: “Tourists” and “Business”. And apply for a business visa, the procedure remain the same as mentioned above. Follow below given basic guideline when apply through online mode.

Consular Fees 
Duration Tourist Business
Single Entry Double Entry Single Entry Multy Entry
Up to 1 Month 2747.60SOM (40USD) 4464.85SOM (65USD) 4121.40SOM (60USD) 4808.30SOM (70USD)
Up to 3 Months 3434.50SOM (50USD) 4808.30SOM (70USD) 6182.10SOM (90USD)

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