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Baltic Vitalis – Gateway to Baltic Countries

Welcome To Baltic Vitalis Tour – A Gateway to Baltic Countries

The Baltic States, also known as the Baltics, Baltic nations or Baltic countries, are the three countries in northern Europe on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.


The Cozy Medieval City of Tallinn is, of course, a protected UNESCO heritage site. And the reason why is so protected is that it’s one of the few medieval centers that still remains well preserved. Unlike other cities in Europe that were devastated by either invasions or wars, Tallinn managed to maintain itself relatively intact.

Furthermore, Estonians have also managed to embed all the high technology of today into the city itself without damaging its appearance a single bit. Imagine WiFi by the candle lights. Speaking of which, one particular place worth visiting is “Kiek in de Kök” and the medieval high-tech underground tunnels that have been used for everything imaginable, from military quarters in the 17th century to nuclear shelter during the cold war.

Cruise Of Trakai

One of the best experiences you can have in Trakai. Take a boat trip around the castle and relax. Make yourself comfortable contemplate the views, the villages on the banks of the lake, the magnificent Trakai Manor House, and of course The unique Castle of Trakai. If you fancy, have a drink (or two) a little snack and enjoy yourself in the peace and quietness of one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

Rundale Palace – Latvia

Rundale Palace – Latvia is to the Baltic what Versailles is to France or L’Hermitage is to Russia. As a matter of fact, Bartolomeo Rastrelli the famous Italian architect designed both The Winter Palace in St. Petersburg and Rundāle Palace in Pilsrundāle, Latvia. So you will certainly find some familiarities

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