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An Ultimate Guide for Tashkent Weather – You Need to Know

Tashkent is the “Capital of Uzbekistan” and is considered as the largest city in Uzbekistan. It is positioned in central Asia and has Turkic and Sogdian influence its nature.

Brief History of Tashkent

Tashkent appears on the Silk Road Destination which goes from China to Europe and is one of the most ancient cities.
The city was destructed in 1219 by Genghis Khan and later was rebuilt. The Russian Empire conquered it in 1865 and after the fall of Russian Empire it went through a major growth and demographic changes.
During the period of 1920s, the city began to industrialize. Now it has witnessed changes economically, architecturally and culturally.
Tashkent also holds a position of “cultural capital of the Islamic world” given by Moscow news in 2007.

Guide for Tashkent Weather

Tashkent Weather is considered as Mediterranean and it has strong continental climatic influence. The summers are generally long, hot and dry ranging from May to September. It is extremely hot during July and august.
Tashkent experiences extreme winters in December, January, and February wherein it is cold and snowy.
Little precipitation occurs during summer from June to September.
The average high temperature witnessed is around 35.6̊ Celsius and average low temperature is -1.5̊ Celsius.

Best Time to Visit Tashkent

The best time to visit Tashkent is when the average temperature is at comfortable level. May, June and September are perfect to travel to Tashkent as the temperature is moderate. If you are looking for other options then April and October can be a good time too, it will be little cooler but wonderfully pleasant.
If you are comfortable in bringing coats and want to experience snowfall in this beautiful city then January and February is best time to visit.

Things to Carry with You on Tashkent Tour

When travelling, it is necessary to carry proper documents and other travel necessities along as it ensures smooth travel experience. Moreover, appropriate clothing is also important so that you fit in the culture and show respect to the place.

  1. Passport of your home country and visa collected from the Embassy of Uzbekistan is most important. It is advisable to keep photocopy of your passport for any emergency situation.
  2. When arrive Tashkent, all travellers must take customs declaration form that should be kept along the whole trip and presented to officials when leaving Tashkent.
  3. There are no restrictions on what kind of clothing should be worn but in Tashkent people mostly prefer conservative clothes. Carry long pants and skirts, tops and shirts with proper sleeves. This type of clothing will also protect you from sunrays during summers.
  4. A breezy and light jacket is recommended for evening time during summers.
  5. Carry comfortable shoes and footwear as you might need to walk for sightseeing. Slip on shoes can be a good option, for you have to enter a lot of religious places.
  6. A good pair of sunglasses and a hat will do great in protecting you from sun during summers.
  7. If you are travelling during winters then coats and jackets would be of course, a need.
  8. Do not forget to take all your chargers and adapters of your electronic gadgets.
  9. It is also safer to carry umbrellas and raincoats in the time of precipitation.

Must Visit Places in Tashkent During Winters

  1. Chimgan: It is a mountain ski resort located 85kms away from Tashkent. Greater Chimgan, which is the main mountain peak of the place, looks wonderfully beautiful as it appears like a giant star from above. The skiing season begins in the month of December and lasts until mid of March.
  2. Fergana Valley: It is one of the most beautiful valleys of the oasis. Fergana looks mesmerizing during winters as the snow covered mountains of Tien Shan and traversed the waters of the Syr Darya and Naryn gives it a heavenly feel.
  3. Beldersay: This ski resort is 5 km away from Chimgan. There you can witness the splendid natural beauty of mountain valleys, snow covered peaks and waterfalls. You can enjoy the first class skiing and snowboarding experience which would long you to come again and again.

Must Visit Places in Tashkent During Summers

  1. Chorsu Bazar: Huge open air market, considered as farmers market of Tashkent. Everything available here is for sale and lower rates.
  2. Tashkent Planetarium: This is a must visit place in Tashkent. The seating capacity is around 50 to 60 people so booking your seat is advisable. You can come here to fulfil your childhood dream and watch several shows on the starry galaxies and planets.
  3. Ilkhom Theatre: Though, here the shows are in Russian language, English subtitles are always available for the foreign tourists. It is the first theatre opened in the Soviet Union. You can watch exhibitions, plays, and concerts in theatre.
  4. Amir Timur Museum: It is a building with a huge blue dome and exquisite interiors.
  5. Telyashayakh Mosque: It contains Othman Qur’an, the oldest Qur’an of the world. The mosque is beautiful with blue domes and peaceful interiors. Also visit here for Tashkent Tour Packages.

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