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Almaty Food Guide: 5 Popular Restaurants You Need to Visit

Almaty is the business capital of Kazakhstan which attracts travellers from all over the world. To keep up with the pace of this fast growing commercial city, the dining experience in Almaty flourished rapidly.

Scene of Restaurants in Almaty is diverse, offering various local and international cuisines. Be it Kazakh, Italian, Chinese, or Indian, it offers varied range of preferences to its visitors.

Here are 5 restaurants in Almaty which are majorly famous for its food and dining experience:

1. Alasha

Alasha Restaurant Almaty - TravelsMantra

This Uzbek style restaurant is a must visit if you are in Almaty. Its blue domed architecture resembles a traditional mosque and is visible quite clearly from far. Alasha built in the Turkish architecture style and it offers traditional Uzbek cuisine. If you happen to go Alasha it is highly recommended to try the famous plov, a mouth watering main course consisting rice, lamb, carrots, garlic, chickpeas and raisins. An entertainment night starts at 9pm everyday featuring Uzbek music and dance performances which showcase the beautiful culture of Uzbekistan.

2. Kishlak

Kishlak Restaurant Almaty - TravelsMantra

After entering this place you will feel like being transported to a Central Asian village. It is a cosy and comfortable place which offers Central Asian cuisine. The interiors of the three main dining rooms are decorated with beautiful motifs giving spirits of traditional household setting. The three dining rooms are themed to represent: a farmer’s house, a merchant’s home and a living room of a rich Bai. Diners can choose from wide range of food options from the Uzbek, Uygur and Kazakh dishes. Food is no doubt wonderful and the prices are also pocket friendly, which makes it a worth going restaurant.

3. Gakku

Gakku Restaurant Almaty - TravelMantra

It is the most authentic Kazakh restaurant in the city which offers a worth experiencing dining endure. It is spread over two dining areas which are equally elegant. If you are comfortable in trying some traditional Kazakh recipes then you should try kuyrdak and beshbarmak.

4. Bellagio

Bellagio Restaurant Almaty - TravelsMantra

This restaurant has reputation among the presidents of Russia and USA. Bill Clinton of the United States and Vladimir Putin of Russia both have dined in Bellagio. What is so special about this place is its location: it faces the beautiful Malaya.
Almatinka River and gives a spectacular view of the Almaty city. Its Italian cuisine is distinguished among the Almaty’s elite class. The best part about this place is that it is away from the hustle and bustle of the city and provides a peaceful ambiance. Bellagio is often crowed and getting a seat is a task so reservations are recommended here.

5. Wagon

Wagon Restaurant Almaty - TravelsMantra

This restaurant is famous for its unique style and interiors. It is made up like a wooden train carriage and the sound of wheels turning is played in between the songs. Wagon provides a creative and unique menu with the fusion of Central Asian, European and Russian cuisines. This place is very popular among the locals because of its delicious food, and cosy interiors.

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