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Almaty has mild weather compared from most of the regions of Kazakhstan. This is the home of many varieties of Apples and many landmarks to visit “Almaty”.

The peak of the snowy mountains that touches the city right at the doorstep against the foreground are the skyscrapers is the perfect scenario to capture.

It is the largest city in Kazakhstan and has the influence of west and the east. Culturally they have adopted the mix of western and the eastern culture. Many monuments located from the time of Soviet Union that can seen.  The landmarks which are the hub of the tourist allure are in the list of top priority.

While traveling to Almaty like “Center of the State Museum”  Which have thousands of antique objects kept safely in museum. Open – air bars, Lush green gardens, night clubs and global cuisine restaurants are commonly seen on streets of Almaty.

Apart from this, there is more for sightseers and nature lovers. You can visit the Big Almaty Lake, Gorky Park, and Ile – Alatau National Park.
It became the premier destination for the adventure sports lovers when the authorities developed Medeu Ice Skating Complex which is the highest rank in the world.

People who wish to action the most exciting nightlife, for them Almaty has various nightclubs and pubs that will make your night stunning. There are Cartell Night Club, Cosmopolitan Bar, London Grad and much more.

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