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Alexander Pushkin – Tashkent

Although the great Russian poet Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin spent time in Caucausus  he did not visit Central Asia. Nevertheless, Pushkin’s poetry is much loved by Uzbek people. It is still studied in schools and taxi drivers will sometimes regale you with quotes from Pushkin’s works. With the fall of the Soviet Union, statues of Soviet heroes detached from Tashkent.

Yet, the city kept the monuments devoted to poets, writers and artists who were not link with the Soviet reign. Also carry the Georgian poet Shota Rustavelli, Azerbaijan’s Nizami Ganjavi, Ukranian poet Taras Shevchenko and Russia’s Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin.

The great Soviet sculptor Mikhail Anikushin created Tashkent’s Pushkin monument, which tell in 1974. (In 1957 Anikushin created the bronze Pushkin monument in Arts Square, in St Petersburg. Also he grant the Lenin prize in 1958 for this remarkable sculpture).

For many years the monument marked the enduring role of the great poet in Uzbekistan’s culture and has strengthened Russian – Uzbek cultural ties. Russian national and Uzbek public VIP as usual gathered at the monument to mark memorable dates associated with the life and work of the poet.

As part of the ongoing urban development plan of Tashkent, the Pushkin monument vital move. Also Tashkent residents were initially concerned – the monument is a city favorite.

However, concert with Russian Foreign Ministry, beloved Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin now centerpiece of Pushkin Square, redeveloped corner of Babur Park.

This is a much more near venue, has quickly become a main spot for family outings, couples young and old, the groups of friends, And of course brides and grooms have their photos taken with the Romantic poet.
One of Pushkin’s famed epic poems is Ruslan and Ludmilla. Based on a Russian folk tale, it tells the story of the abduction of Ludmilla, the daughter of Prince Vladimir of Kiev, by an evil wizard and the attempt by the brave knight Ruslan to find and rescue her. This poem formed the basis for Mikhail.

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