7 Facts You Need to Know About Armenia, Which Makes It an Exceptional Country

7 Facts You Need to Know About Armenia, Which Makes It an Exceptional Country

Armenia is a mountainous country which is situated along the route of the Great Silk Route. It is located in the southern Caucasus, between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea and on the crossroad between Europe and Asia. Its capital is Yerevan, which is the largest city of Armenia.

Armenia a beautiful with its lush green covered mountains and ancient architecture. There are numerous monuments and natural attractions making it a worth visit country, but there are few facts which you might find unique and special about this nation.

Here are 7 facts about Armenia Tourism you should know:

1. Mountainous & Small City

Mounatinous & Small

Armenia is not a very big country and its population is just approx. 3 million. Armenia a landlocked country of rugged mountains and extinct volcanoes with picturesque view and locations. One who comes here will find himself wrapped in verdure. There are monuments which has its architectural roots in the Ancient era and middle Ages. This country looks like a small fairly land with angelic people around treating you like their own.

2. First Country to Adopt Christianity

First Country to Adopt Christianity

Armenia converted to Christianity in 301 AD by St Gregory Illuminator making it world’s first country to adopt Christianity. Presently Christians population of claims to be 97% lives in here .

3. Land of Churches

Land of Churches

There are some beautiful churches in Armenia which are like, centuries old! It said that the first church ever built was in Armenia. Well, it is quite clear from the fact that it is the world first nation to adopt Christianity. From gorgeous monasteries to beautiful cathedrals, Armenia is a plethora of places of worship.

4. Chess Is Like a National Game to Them

Chess Is Like a National Game to Them

Chess is a compulsory subject in schools of Armenia. Well this explains why they are so good at it. Armenians hold various awards and titles and have won several world championships in the game of chess. One such title is the Grandmaster Tigran Petrosyan, which is the highest title a chess player can attain.

5. Home of Oldest Winery

Home of Oldest Winery

Armenia is the oldest producer of wine. Archaeologists have claimed that it has the oldest winery in the planet in a cave near the village of Areni. This is the reason they make great wine!

6. Apricot Capital of the World

Apricot Capital of the World

Apricot ‘the most significant fruit’ to Armenia and this can be perceived from the fact that orange colour in Armenian flag actually symbolizes the apricots! Armenia’s fertile land makes it perfect for apricot farming. Not just the locals but tourists also seen having a bite of this juicy fruit. The markets here are full of apricots, selling all kinds of items made from apricot, like dried apricots, apricot wine and juice and much more!

7. Love for Breads

Love for Breads

Armenia is famous for its lavash, a tasty flat bread. It is like a cornerstone of Armenian cuisine and the king of Armenian kitchen. Importance of the bread that it placed on UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2014!

They bake these breads from flour, salt, and water. Tonir a special oven used for baking a bread. Tonir is basically an earthy oven. Generally Armenian bake this lavash in bulk and then store for months to eat (because it does not get spoilt for 1 year). Armenian are so much devoted to breads that they cannot imagine their meals without it.

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