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6 Best Places to Visit In Almaty

Almaty is one of the ancient cities of Central Asia and of course the main cities that was the spotlight for the Silk route Travelers. Earlier being the main city to the Silk route, Almaty was flourished when its handicrafts and artifacts were greatly recognized in between 10th -14th century.

The city was served as the former capital of Kazakhstan from 1929 to 1997 under the influence of Soviet Union.  Thereafter this city was turned to the most beautiful sites to visit in Kazakhstan it absorbed most of the attraction from the tourists and travelers with many jaw dropping places to visit.

Best Places to visit in Almaty:

Central State Museum of Kazakhstan

  1.  Central State Museum of Kazakhstan – 

It is the biggest museum in Central Asia formed in 1931. In addition to this it has numerous ancient art and crafts preserved for sightseers. Beginning from earliest as the Bronze Age burials to the transformation of its history the museum has everything that historian wants to see.


  Ile-Alatau National Park


  1. Ile-Alatau National Park:

It Occupies 200 thousand hectares of the land in Almaty. Ile-Alatau National park is the soul of the city and must to visit site for the tourists.  Stretched from the George Turgen to the river Chimlogan. It has variety of species and homeland of about 300 different animals and birds. The serene beauty is not a myth and equally important for tourists just check in here to see it.


Almaty TV Tower

  1. Almaty Tower:

    The Almaty Tower is the tallest free standing tubular steel structure in the world, unlike the other TV towers in the world. It is built in the slopes of Koke Tobe mountain range and touches the sky at a height of 371.5m. However it is not opened for public but one can visit the architecture marvel for its design.


Almaty Zoo

  1. Almaty Zoo

    Nearly 75 years old zoological park is located at the eastern side of the city. People love to visit this zoo because of the unique wildlife animals. Persian leopards, wildlife ram, wolf, elephants, beaver, eagle and many others animals are attracting people every year .


Medeu Skating Rink

  1. Medeu 

Holy place for the people who love snowboarding and ice skating. The Medeu is an outdoor skating rink located at the altitude of 1691.2 meters above the sea level. Moreover many world records are made in this ice skating rink by famous sportsmen. Being the highest skating rink in the world it is also the pride of Kazakhs.



  1. Ascension Cathedral

The only one wooden cathedral in the world probably, As a matter of fact without being used any nails in its formation it is the unique architecture of its kind. Built in the era of 19th century it has the fascinating paintings that shows some famous saints encrypted in the walls of the holy cathedral coupled with spell bounding art .

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